3-inch Stainless Steel Screened Implant, Barbed Fitting


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Speed-Fit fitting accepts tubing sizes 1/4″ OD. Constructed of double woven stainless steel wire screens with a .0057-in. (0.15mm Pore). Solid ends allow for an Anchor Point to be threaded on or open hole placement. The vapor implants are used for the following applications:

  • Permanent Soil Gas Monitoring.
  • UST Monitoring.
  • Groundwater Sampling.
  • Air Sparging.
  • Pressure Measurement Point in Vacuum Testing.
  • Vapor Extraction Monitoring.

Implant Length:

  • 3-inches (76mm)
  • 6-inches (152mm)
  • 12-inches (305mm)
  • 21-inches (533mm)

Implant OD:

  • 0.50-inch (12.7mm)

Screen Pore Size:

  • 0.0057-inches (.15mm)

Max Depth:

  • 100+ feet (30m)

Additional information

Weight .12 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3 in