.170-in. ID x .25-in. OD Teflon Lined Polyethylene Tubing, 500 foot roll


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Teflon Lined LDPE poly tubing is an acceptable solution for soil vapor gas intrusion sampling. Teflon Lined LDPE poly offers a cost-effective substitute for pure FEP Teflon in the larger diameters. Teflon Lined LDPE poly is approved by the DTSC for most soil gas sampling. Other common uses include but are not limited to; riser, lift or lead tubing for groundwater pumps, well developers, and foot valves where harsh VOCs are occurring.

Tubing Material: Teflon Lined LDPE
Tubing Type: FEP Inner Lining / LDPE Jacket
Tubing Color: Natural
Inside Diameter: .17″
Outside Diameter: .25″ or 1/4″
Wall Thickness: .040″
Length: 500′
Max Pressure: 80 PSI at 70°F
Operating Temp. Range: -25°F to 180°F


  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Air sampling tubes
  • Laboratory applications
  • Water processing

FEP Teflon Lined Tubing:

  • FEP tubing jacketed with LDPE
  • FEP liner maintains the purity of the sample
  • Low permeability
  • Moisture absorption nearly zero
  • PFOA Free

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 10 in