.187-in. ID x .25-in. OD Nylaflow Tubing, Type T, 500 foot roll


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Nylaflow Type T Nylon 3/16″ x 1/4″ x 500′

Mentioned in the DTSC Regulations under Nylaflo Tubing, Nylaflow is the industry leader in nylon tubing.

Properties of Nylaflow Type T Tubing

Color: Neutral
Melting Point: 500 ± 5°F
Water Absorption
at Equilibrium (%): 250
at Saturation (%): 8.0
Suggest Temp. Range (°F): -65 to +150
Light Stabilized: No
Hoop Stress at 73°F Bone Dry (psi):  7500
Hoop Stress at 73°F 50% R.H. (psi): 4500
Hoop Stress at 73°F Full Saturation (psi): 3100
Material’s Flexural Elastic Modulus at 73°F 50% R.H. (psi): 175,000 (Conditioned)
Operating Pressure at 73°F 50% R.H. (psi): 250
Bursting Pressure at 73°F 50% R.H. (psi): 1,000 Minimum
Chemical Resistance at 73°F
Acids: Good to pH-5
Alkalies: Good to pH-11
Hydrocarbons-Aromatic: Excellent
Hydrocarbons-Aliphatic: Excellent
Ketons: Excellent
Ethers: Excellent
Alcohols: Good
Salts, neutral: Excellent
Freons: Excellent
Sunlight: Fair
Zinc Chloride: Poor

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 10 in